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Engineering &
Design Services

Taylor & Hill is a full-service engineering firm with expertise in executing small to mid-size capital and retrofit projects.

Laser Scanning & Modeling

Laser Surveying / Scanning technology enhances engineering and design productivity by eliminating repeat field trips and mitigating safety exposure. Over 25 years and thousands of laser scanning projects later, Taylor & Hill continues to be a leader. 

Professional Staffing

For nearly 50 years, Taylor & Hill has offered premier recruiting and staffing solutions. We provide contract and full-time employees in engineering, design, technical, and support roles. Our team enjoys competitive benefits for enhanced employee retention at client sites.

Turnaround (TAR) Support Personnel & Engineering Support

Taylor & Hill delivers experienced support and technical TAR personnel for executing projects on a long-term or short-term basis.

Our Markets


Taylor & Hill has serviced the Downstream Industry in Texas and the Gulf Coast since its inception. T&H is a full-service engineering and professional staffing services firm with specific knowledge and expertise in the engineering and support of small to mid-size capital projects in the refining and petrochemical industry.


Taylor & Hill has served the pipeline industry in a range of capabilities including engineering and design of compressor stations, metering stations, pig launching facilities and a range of other projects. From cutting-edge pipeline design to advanced maintenance solutions, we help drive your project’s success. Trust us to navigate the complexities of midstream support, delivering efficiency and reliability every step of the way.

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Our experienced engineers are dedicated to meeting the unique challenges of the upstream oil & gas sector, including the design of both drilling and production facilities.

Energy Transition

Taylor & Hill takes pride in developing solutions for the green energy sector that ensures your operations align with environmental standards and contribute to a more sustainable future. As green energy continues to advance, Taylor & Hill will continue providing engineering and staffing support and resources to various green construction projects throughout the country.

Pulp, Paper & Wood Products

Our design and engineering expertise is able to optimize your manufacturing process to enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact.

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